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Appreciation of Finer Things in Life

Crafted Events - Bespoke Experience

Not Just Any Event...
It is Another Level of Experience

We are not kidding!

Tutan Entertainment's objective is to create crafted events which will help its audience appreciate the finer things in life. 

Before you continue exploring our site and joining us for some of our events, first ask your self....

How would you define a finer thing?

Fancy Dinner

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Limited seats to our CRAFTED events and so, priority will be given to those who register in advance.

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Our Definition of Finer Things in Life

Read more about Tutan Entertainment and how we define our concept of 'finer things' in life.

Our Clients Say

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"Music refines your soul and awakens your senses. Tutan Entertainment brings the people together to appreciate music."

Dr. Poom Prommachart

Steinway Artist, Assistant Professor, Brand Ambassador

Shadow Show

Upcoming Events

At the initial stage, some events may not be open for ticket purchase yet. The event could turn out to be a 'private' event at a later stage. Hence, you may RSVP your interest and we will try to keep the invitation open for you. If ticket link is available, you may proceed to purchase. Read more on our Events page.

  • Chicago Music International Competition
    Regional Round in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore


We are based in Canada and Malaysia, covering all international events that meets our objective - to enhance our customers' lives through appreciation of finer things.

Museum Exhibition